BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association

bcgga_platinumThe BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association represents greenhouse vegetable farmers in British Columbia. Our growers produce 96 percent of all of B.C.’s greenhouse vegetable production. We produce succulent tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lettuce. Taking up only 0.01 percent of B.C.’s total farmland, our glass greenhouses produce about 11 percent of the province’s total agriculture production value. Our healthy and fresh vegetables feed the people of B.C. and the world.

Since 1973, when the Western Greenhouse Growers’ Cooperative Association was formed to pack and market greenhouse vegetables produced by a newly emerging sector, we have grown to be one of B.C.’s agriculture success stories.

The BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association is committed to delivering services and research programs to our members to help keep them globally competitive and to keep a vibrant and sustainable greenhouse vegetable sector in B.C., while providing high-quality and safe greenhouse vegetables to consumers. Greenhouse growers are the farmers for British Columbia’s 21st Century. We grow world-class products in harmony with the environment.

What we do

The BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association has its roots in research. In 1983, our first marketing organization, the Western Greenhouse Growers’ Cooperative Association, formed a research council to achieve the members’ goal of using natural biological controls to manage pests in greenhouses. Since then, research and industry development programs have been a core function of our growers’ association.

The BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association conducts a variety of programs that enhance the competitiveness of the greenhouse vegetable sector. We also work with other organizations and agencies to create a leading edge greenhouse vegetable sector.

Here’s a sample of what we do:

  • Developing new and improving existing methods of biological controls against pests.
  • Promoting environmental sustainability through the Environmental Farm Plan Program.
  • Ensuring the production of healthy and safe vegetables for consumers.
  • Evaluating new technologies and production systems to enhance crop yields.
  • Providing information on the latest greenhouse production practices through grower seminars.

The BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association does not market or sell products. Distribution and sales of our growers’ produce are handled by designated marketing agencies.

BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association
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